First of Many

So the NFL Draft is over and with mini camps around the corner teams are getting into gear for the 2017 season. So who are the winners and losers of the draft? Of course, nobody knows, but let’s take a shot at predicting the future.

Winners: Tampa Bay, New Orleans, San Francisco, and New England (Shocker right?)

Let’s tackle the champs first. You have take into account the moves the Patriots made with ALL of their picks. Sure they had only four during the draft, but that’s because they used some of their picks in trades to get Brandin Cooks, Kony Ealy, Dwayne Allen, etc. So they way I see it, they drafted Cooks with the 32nd pick in the draft. Does anyone think there was a better receiver available at that point or later in the draft? Same for Ealy and Allen. Bottom line they crushed it and the rich get richer.

Rookie GM John Lynch made a big splash in his first draft process and getting a major end rusher plus the best linebacker in the draft in the first round is a huge win.

Tampa really improved their team, especially between the hashes. And just through the draft, but free agency as well. OJ Howard is a no brainer particularly at #17. But i really like Chris Godwin at receiver. He didn’t show a lot of consistency at Penn St but under those conditions I can’t blame him. And when he did flash he did so like lightning, torching first round pick Adoree Jackson in the Rose Bowl. Kendall Beckwith is really nice value pick from LSU.And I think Jeremy McNichols will contribute as a rookie.

The Saints filled a number of needs in this draft and did so with a lot of value too. Lattimore is possibly the best corner in the draft and the Saints needed one badly, even more than one. Ramczyk is a solid NFL starter at O-line and Marcus Williams will contribute on passing downs. Kamara is the interesting pick because at #67 he provides great value but was the one pick that didn’t fill a need. Engram and Peterson are already in your stables so this was debatable, though I still like the pick.

The Chargers should be on this list too but can’t give love to everyone.

Losers: Chicago, Jets, and the Rams

The Bears are definitely the biggest losers here. I can’t wrap my head around drafting Trubisky so high, let alone giving up so much to move up one spot for him. Forget the limited number of starts in college, though that’s a huge red flag. This kid showed a lot of other things that have me concerned and just because he’s got a live arm that doesn’t mean a heck of a lot. (See Jamarcus Russell, Jeff George, Ryan Leaf). Trubisky is a major bust waiting to happen, no upside for me. SHaheen is a great looking kid from a D2 school and has the physical attributes of Gronk with a basketball background which I always love at tight end. Cohen is an exciting RB but it’s hard to know if talent translates from such a small school to this level.

The Jets, well what can I say about the Jets other than they’re the Jets. They didn’t draft a QB which is ok because I don’t think there was a high caliber QB available in this draft. They better hope they win the Sam Darnold sweepstakes. I do love Jamal Adams at safety and he’s as sure a thing as there was in this draft. I like Ardarius Stewart and Jordan Legget but they have a lot of major needs that they didn’t address. Corner and O-line for sure could’ve been addressed especially considering that this may have been the deepest draft in relation to corner. I still don’t understand why you drafted Hackenberg with a #2 if you won’t play him. If he’s that bad then your scouts did you a major disservice.

The Rams are another head scratcher. After keeping Jeff Fisher for so long, who is a let’s face it, a loser and giving away a truckload of picks they didn’t do anything with the picks they had left. Everett at TE was a reach and not really a need compared to the rest of the roster. I’ve seen the tape on Cooper Kupp and liked what I saw but he’s not  turning this franchise around. I think Goff would’ve preferred some help up front instead of getting crushed all season long. Long story short, the rams will be bad again.

Picks: Some interesting picks in this draft and a few of them center around off the field issues. I really like Joe Mixon’s talent but I couldn’t draft him for my team. Tough optics to get past. I love Dede Westbrook and think he might be one of the top receivers in this draft when all’s said and done, especially at that late pick. But again, red flags and a lot of them. Good job Coach Stoops! Reuben Foster will without a doubt have a lot of teams kicking themselves soon. Along with Adams the other can’t miss player in this draft. I’m curious to see what Jake Butte does in the NFL after that injury, thought he was a great pick at that spot. If he recovers he’ll be a great player.

That’s all for now, back soon with the next installment.